Release Notes

Latest Changes

  • 👷 Add latest-changes GitHub action. PR #65 by @tiangolo.
  • Remove unwanted Swarmpit port 888. PR #51 by @inmishrar.
  • Fix typo in YAML comment. PR #46 by @bmaggard.
  • Reword comment about Traefik image to use. PR #45 by @bmaggard.
  • Fix typo in comment on Traefik YAML file. PR #44 by @bmaggard.
  • Add alternative way to type passwords interactively. PR #42.
  • Add T.A.D.S. project generator. PR #36 by @Thomvaill.


  • Add GitHub Sponsors button. PR #41.
  • Simplify errors for env vars not set to make them consistent and re-usable. PR #40.
  • Upgrade everything to use Traefik v2. PR #39.
  • Update Portainer guide to use the same conventions for DOMAIN as the rest of the guides. PR #25 by @Mantosh.
  • Add CI with GitHub actions to deploy to Netlify. PR #34.
  • Move development dependencies from Pipenv to Poetry. PR #33.
  • Update and simplify labels for redirections. PR #22 by @ldez.
  • Add Issue Manager.
  • Update Docker Compose files to show an error if the environment variables are not set. PR #15 by @dmrty.
  • Update development dependencies for security.
  • Add warning about sudo and environment variables. PR #13 by @dmontagu.